This is a fork of aimed at eliminating the tangle and complexity of its structure and make it more amenable to reuse as a part of another application, as well as easier reuse of its parts.
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Build Status ISC License GoDoc

Package chaincfg defines chain configuration parameters for the three standard Bitcoin networks and provides the ability for callers to define their own custom Bitcoin networks.

Although this package was primarily written for btcd, it has intentionally been designed so it can be used as a standalone package for any projects needing to use parameters for the standard Bitcoin networks or for projects needing to define their own network.

Sample Use

package main

import (


var testnet = flag.Bool("testnet", false, "operate on the testnet Bitcoin network")

// By default (without -testnet), use mainnet.
var chainParams = &chaincfg.MainNetParams

func main() {

	// Modify active network parameters if operating on testnet.
	if *testnet {
		chainParams = &chaincfg.TestNet3Params

	// later...

	// Create and print new payment address, specific to the active network.
	pubKeyHash := make([]byte, 20)
	addr, err := btcutil.NewAddressPubKeyHash(pubKeyHash, chainParams)
	if err != nil {

Installation and Updating

$ go get -u

GPG Verification Key

All official release tags are signed by Conformal so users can ensure the code has not been tampered with and is coming from the btcsuite developers. To verify the signature perform the following:

  • Download the public key from the Conformal website at

  • Import the public key into your GPG keyring:

    gpg --import GIT-GPG-KEY-conformal.txt
  • Verify the release tag with the following command where TAG_NAME is a placeholder for the specific tag:

    git tag -v TAG_NAME


Package chaincfg is licensed under the copyfree ISC License.