This is a fork of aimed at eliminating the tangle and complexity of its structure and make it more amenable to reuse as a part of another application, as well as easier reuse of its parts.
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Loki Verloren faefbca6b2 cleaned name 6 月之前
addrmgr lots of test fixes 6 月之前
blockchain cleaned name 6 月之前
btcec because long error prone change 6 月之前
btcjson moved out log and median 6 月之前
btclog separating more bits of main 6 月之前
btcutil msg.Tx 6 月之前
chaincfg msg.Tx 6 月之前
cmd behavior separated 6 月之前
connmgr moar split out of wire 6 月之前
database huge cleanup 6 月之前
docs yuge but now bug with receiving messages 6 月之前
integration moved out threshold 6 月之前
limits Relicense to the btcsuite developers. 4 年之前
mempool moved more things out 6 月之前
mining moved out threshold 6 月之前
netsync behavior separated 6 月之前
node moved out threshold 6 月之前
peer breaking out view 6 月之前
release readme: Remove mailing lists and include GPG key. 2 年之前
rpcclient msg.Tx 6 月之前
txscript msg.Tx 6 月之前
util yuge but now bug with receiving messages 6 月之前
wire msg.Version 6 月之前
.gitignore holy crap 6 月之前
.travis.yml travis: remove glide, only build 1.11.x, use modules 1 年之前
config_test.go_ holy crap 6 月之前
main.go shifted log out, renamed to 'node' to be generic 6 月之前
rpcserverhelp_test.go_ holy crap 6 月之前